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can sleep apnea cause sleepwalking

Can sleep apnea cause sleepwalking?

There are numerous surveys done nowadays that verify this, we will also find out additional information and can sleep apnea cause sleepwalking in this article.

does sleepwalking make you tired

Does sleepwalking make you tired?

Sleepwalking is a serious disorder that affects a number of children and adults. Let’s find out does sleepwalking makes you tired in this article.

does melatonin cause sleepwalking

Does melatonin cause sleepwalking?

In some people, using melatonin might lead to a condition known as sleepwalking. So, we will investigate does melatonin cause sleepwalking in this article.

what causes sleepwalking and talking

What causes sleepwalking and talking?

Is there a justifiable cause for alarm regarding sleepwalking and talking in one’s sleep?mAnd what causes sleepwalking and talking, let’s find out in this article.

is sleepwalking genetic

Is sleepwalking genetic?

Sleepwalking as an adult can stem from sleepwalking in childhood, there may be a genetic component to it. We will show if sleepwalking is genetic in this article.